What Goes Into Our Sailboat Delivery Estimates?


We Quote on a "Not to Exceed Basis"

The cost to perform a yacht delivery depends on several things- no two deliveries are identical.  Some of the factors that contribute to the final cost of a delivery are, anticipate speed of the vessel,  condition of the vessel, condition of her systems, staffing needed, route and time of year. 

We understand that there are other captains who perform sailboat delivery in Saint Petersburg.  We are different in that our estimate is a “not to exceed” estimate. We evaluate your sailboat or motor yacht and determine how long the passage will take.  

If we estimate that the passage from Ft Lauderdale to Puerto Rico will take 12 days on your vessel and we catch favorable winds- completing the sailboat delivery in 10 days- you are not billed for the additional time.  What happens if the winds turn against us and it takes 14 days?  Once again, you are not billed for the additional time or expenses. 

Labor Costs

My daily rate is $300-$425 depending on vessel, passage length and if I will be conducting structured classes along the way. Casual training during the yacht delivery is simply a service I provide. 

The daily rate for crew is $100-$150, depending on the skill set of the crew. 

The largest variable in labor is vessel speed.  Many captains bid assuming that a vessel will be moving at her hull speed.  This provides an unrealistic estimate.  A 40’ vessel may have a theoretical hull speed of 8 knots. But should she pushed that hard for a 2 week deliver?  If an owner provides a speed (s)he feels the vessel will maintain, an estimate will be provided based on that speed.  Should the vessel not maintain that speed because of weather, tide or current- the invoice will be for actual time required.  

When providing sailboat delivery service, I prefer to provide a “not to exceed” estimate.  The distance needed to complete the passage is divided by an assumed VMG of 5.5 knots for most vessels and the number of days on passage is calculated.  This speed is less than what most vessels will hold.  BUT, experience has taught me that on very long passages the average VMG is between 5.5 and 6.  Please note that since this is a “not to exceed” estimate, if we are able to safely make a better VMG, your final bill will be less than the estimate.

Customers can provide crew. However, owner-provided crew is expected to have a level of experience. Should you wish to have less experienced crew, we can discuss that. 

Because of relationships I have with sailing schools, sometimes individuals who have earned an ASA 104 or 114 rating will seek blue water deck time. If that opportunity exists, you will not be billed for crew.

Transportation Costs

Our transportation costs are a direct pass-through.  This includes airfare for the captain and crew to/from the vessel, or, if it is more cost efficient, one-way vehicle rental.  Travel time is billed at the daily rate.

Boat Expenses

The cost for items such as customs fees, fuel and dockage (if needed) are direct pass-through items.

Safety Equipment

If not on-board, we will provide an EPIRB for the captain's and crew's safety during the passage.  All our deliveries include free access to our Garmin inReach tracker/communicator.


Provisioning: the cost of provision is also a pass-through.   At sea the normal calorie requirement for the captain and crew is well over 2,500 sometimes 3,000 calories per day. 

Owners who are vegetarian or vegan are advised the captain and crew will require a more expansive diet.  

The good news, is that if you have the fix’ns on board, and the seas are cooperative, I make a great pasta sauce!

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