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Owner-Assisted Deliveries

We can deliver your new, or new-to-you boat and provide training along the way!

Each yacht delivery includes our attention to detail yacht service report.  This report contains our observations and findings.  It may be as simple as adding a USB power supply by the nav station, or brining to your attention that the charts on. your boat are dated.

Pre-Purchaser Checkouts

Why waste time and money inspecting vessels that fail to meet your standards? A successful yacht delivery is only one of our services.

Our St. Petersburg based yacht services can preview a boat and even include you in the inspection using video chat.

This service is a fraction of the cost of an airline ticket!

Owner Absent Deliveries

As stated elsewhere, I will treat your boat better that I treat my own.  If it is a sailboat delivery, we reef early and never push a boat hard.  On a powerboat delivery, we operate at an efficient RPM, conditions permitting.

All deliveries include access to our inReach satellite tracker and communication system.  You always know where your boat is!

Acceptance Testing

We have found MANY new vessels where the electronics do not work right.  

Prior to flying in to accept your new, or new-to-you vessel we will checkout any new installations or repairs and provide comments on the work.  Using video chat software like Skype or WhatsApp you can be part of the inspection.